Today, Luke and I went on a holiday photography stroll throughout Boston! Although we differ in camera preferences (no Nikons for this girl), we had a great day taking pictures of everything and anything that caught our eye on our trek to Faneuil Hall! This picture of the holiday ornaments hanging in the Pru is one of my favorites of the day :) To my fellow Bostonian photographers, what is your favorite spot to take shots during the holiday season around the city?
After a beautiful sunset on the Wharf, we headed over to North 26 for dinner...and warmth! I have to be honest, I wasn't expecting that great of a meal. This morning, I was struggling to find even one place with an available reservation tonight since the area was going to be so crowded for the tree lighting. Thanks to North 26, however, I got a reservation and what turned out to be a great meal!
I ordered the organic roasted chicken breast, which was served with baby brussels sprouts (so cute!), green beans, and a mushroom sauce. Right after I ordered, the waiter asked if it was okay that the chicken would take 30 minutes to fully roast. Of course that was okay with me!! I will wait any length of time for good food! I hope this picture is enough to make your mouth water...and to try North 26 next time you visit the Faneuil Hall area! 

Please feel free to comment you fav restaurants around the Boston area for me to check out! They will be much appreciated :)