This weekend, Luke and I crossed Back Bay Harry's off our "must-try" list, and added it to the top of our "favorites" list! What made it stand out so much in our minds? Well, besides the friendly staff, cozy atmosphere, and delicious food, BBHs somehow made the streaming of Lady Gaga's new album seem...elegant? We're not completely sure how they pulled this off or why she was the artist of the night, but we were very okay with it. 
So yeah, the food didn't suck either. I ordered the grilled swordfish with maple-roasted brussels sprouts and carrot puree. If you can't tell from this picture, it was probably the best swordfish I've eaten in a while. Or ever. Either way, if you're near Copley Square give Back Bay Harry's a try because I fear this blog post is doing them very little justice! Go for the food, stay for the Lady Gaga! If you do get the chance to go to BBH's or you've gone before, what did you think?!